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Variety.com - Helen Slater
Former “Supergirl” star Helen Slater has signed on to appear on the CW’s reworking of the Superman saga. Slater will play the aunt of “Smallville’s” recently cast Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort). Slater will appear in the sixth episode of the upcoming season, two weeks after ex-Superman Dean Cain (”Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”) is scheduled to appear. Slater has recently done guest gigs on “Crossing Jordan,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The New Adventures of Old Christine.”

This rocks. And as bad as the movie was I still enjoyed it. She’s always been my favorite superhero.
Also - If she is Kara’s aunt that would mean she is playing Lara, Kal-el’s mother! Awesome!

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Variety.com - CW adds ‘Smallville’ talent
The CW has found its Supergirl.

Laura Vandervoort has been cast as Clark Kent’s cousin Kara, aka Supergirl, on the CW’s “Smallville.” She’ll begin lensing next week opposite series star Tom Welling.

The Canadian actress’s best known credits include the N’s “Instant Star” and episodes of “C.S.I” and “Doc.” Earlier this year, she appeared in the Miramax feature “The Lookout.”


Not sure how I feel about this. God I hope she can act.

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Exclusive: Supergirl Soars Into Smallville - TV Guide News Report | TVGuide.com
Look, up in the sky: It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Supergirl?! When Smallville returns for its seventh season this fall it will be revealed that Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is not the only member of his family to survive the destruction of the planet Krypton. His cousin Kara “was sent to Earth in a ship that arrived at the same time as baby Kal-El’s,” reveals executive producer Al Gough, referring to Clark by his Kryptonian name. “But there was a problem and she’s been in suspended animation for the last 16 years. We’ll find out in the season premiere that the big dam break in last season’s finale is the reason she’s finally awoken.”

Gough says this latest visitor from the DC Comics universe “will help Clark get in touch with his Kryptonian roots. With his [adopted] father dead and his [adopted] mother moved to Washington [to become a U.S. Senator], and Lana blown up, suddenly there’s some family in his life.”

Like her cousin, Kara will have enhanced physical abilities generated by Earth’s yellow sun. “She has all of Clark’s powers and a couple he doesn’t have yet,” Gough teases. “She can fly. And her response when Clark asks why is ‘obviously girls mature faster than boys.’”

Kara, a teenager when Krypton exploded, was sent to Earth by her father, Zor-El (Kal-El’s uncle), to look after her younger cousin. But while in suspended animation she didn’t age and now it’s Clark who must be the mentor. “She becomes enamored with our culture: clothes and iPods and stuff,” Gough says. “We’ll have a lot of fun as she gets acclimated.”

Kara makes her debut in the season premiere of the CW drama and will appear in about half of this season’s episodes. A casting notice is set to go out shortly, and producers hope to unveil their new addition at July’s Comic-Con International in San Diego. –Rich Sands

Very Cool Indeed! I can’t wait to see who they pick to play her.


In this first of four new images from Bryan Singer's upcoming Superman Returns, Brandon Routh plays the Man of Steel, captured here in a pose reminiscent of the June 1938 cover of Action Comics No. 1, which marked the superhero's debut. (David James for Warner Brothers)


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