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Variety.com - ‘Battlestar’ burns out next year
Low-rated but critically worshipped Sci Fi Channel drama “Battlestar Galactica” will sign off next year after its fourth season, producers said Thursday.

Move isn’t a stunner. Rumors about the show’s fate have been swirling for months, and the skein had to fight to get renewed for a fourth season.

Despite some of the best reviews for any show on TV — and a fiercely loyal fan base — “Battlestar” is a very expensive show to produce, especially for a cable net. Sci Fi has tried to turn that buzz into bigger ratings, but the show never seemed to break out beyond a core niche.

Sci Fi stuck by the skein, however, because of its status as a signature program for the net.

Exec producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick issued a joint statement saying it was their decision to end the series.

“This show was always meant to have a beginning, a middle and, finally, an end,” producers said. “Over the course of the last year, the story and the characters have been moving strongly toward that end, and we’ve decided to listen to those internal voices and conclude the show on our own terms.”


Ah well - the reprieve was only temporary. On the bright side it should make for a very exciting fourth season and we’ll get to see Earth.

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SCI FI Wire | The News Service of the SCI FI Channel | SCIFI.COM
Flight of Battlestar Continues

Battlestar Galactica’s search for Earth continues to be an open-ended adventure, executive producer David Eick said.

Contrary to comments by Edward James Olmos (Adm. Adama) at the Saturn Awards on May10, no end has been announced for the award-winning show. Battlestar Galactica is preparing to film its fourth season, one that will include 22 episodes, rather than the previously announced 13.

“For those of you who have been paying attention over the years, this is not the first time Eddie has made an announcement about the possibility of the show’s end,” chuckled Eick. “I promise you that when [executive producer] Ron [Moore] and I make a decision about Galactica’s future, we’ll let you know.”

Whew - a reprieve!

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iF Magazine
iF MAGAZINE: What’s coming up for season four?

EDWARD JAMES OLMOS: It’s fantastic. I think they’re going to discover some very important issues about what the fan base really, really wants to see and what’s to understand about this show. We’re heading into the final season. This is the final season as we speak. All of us are very saddened by that, but we always knew there was going to be a conclusion and we would find Earth, so we will be finding Earth this season. I wish it would [keep going]. I could do 10 years like this season. I think that this is some of finest usages of television that I have been a part of in my life. Bar none. I’ve been doing this for 42 years. I’ve done some really good work in television and motion pictures but there really is nothing like this show. I can honestly tell you that this is one of the finest dramatic pieces work on humanity I’ve ever seen in my life.

Aw man :-( I adore this show. What in the world am I going to watch to replace it? Reruns of it and Farscape and Firefly I guess.

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Here are a few screencaps I made of the ending.

Pics Below Cut )

Holy Frack! Was that an episode or what?
I still can't believe it - and YAY! Wow. That rocked.

Spoilers below the cut for those that haven't watched )
Internet Radio Interview with Katee Sackhoff

Don't listen if you didn't see last weekends episode. If it is a link or behind a cut it's a spoiler.


And a printed interview


And another spoilerie blurb )

And here's a pic that purports to be proof of the Cylon Heavy Raider's existence


My thoughts )
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Sci-Fi is posting BSG mini episodes to fill in the space between the season finale of season 2 and the season opener of season 3. Pretty cool.

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NEW YORK SCI FI Channel's Mark Stern, EVP, Original Programming, announced today an aggressive slate of original scripted dramas, miniseries, alternative reality and late night series for the Channel. Already established as an industry leader with highly acclaimed and award-winning shows such as 'Battlestar Galactica,' SCI FI Channel's latest slate of high profile projects showcases top industry luminaries and offers imaginative, broad appeal entertainment.

Scripted Series


From executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick ('Battlestar Galactica'), writer Remi Aubuchon ('24') and NBC Universal Television Studio, this new series is set over a half a century before the events that play out in 'Battlestar Galactica.' The people of the Twelve Colonies are at peace and living in a society not unlike our own, but where high-technology has changed the lives of virtually everyone for the better. But a startling breakthrough in robotics is about to occur, one that will bring to life the age-old dream of marrying artificial intelligence with a mechanical body to create the first living robot - a Cylon. Following the lives of two families, the Graystones and the Adamas (the family of William Adama, who will one day become the commander of the 'Battlestar Galactica') 'Caprica' weaves corporate intrigue, techno-action and sexual politics into television's first science fiction family saga.

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For those of you already stocking up on popcorn and beverages for this friday's 90 minute season two finale of "Battlestar Galactica", which we've already done a thorough job spoiling right here, this might not be the news you'd like to hear. For reasons that that still are a bit murky the show will break ranks with the two "Stargates" and the tripple Sci-Fi Channel whammy on Friday nights.

Production on the third season will commence in April in Vancouver, Canada. But the word is that it will not begin airing until October, four months behind the usual schedule.

There are mutterings that one reason could be that parent network NBC is considering lifting the critically acclaimed show from the smaller niche channel to NBC proper, as there's a dearth of promising new shows in the pipeline, according to SyFy Portal.
NBC has already tried to rebroadcast specific episodes, including an abbreviated version of the pilot, of the show to expectedly low-ratings results. Of course, those were expected because the episodes already aired. But given the mainstream critical acclaim of the series, as well as its tremendous popularity in iTunes downloads (as well as continued illegal downloads), there is some chatter that NBC Universal -- which owns both SciFi Channel and NBC -- could be considering moving the series to NBC.

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